You might have probably heard many times that tea is not good for your health. Well, that’s true only if you drink an excessive amount of Tea. Anything in excess is always bad for health. Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water. If consumed in the right way, it can help improve your immunity and health.

If you feel addicted to tea, then these scary facts will make you
reduce your tea intake!

1. Increased Anxiety and Acidity after consumption of Tea

Tea contains caffeine. A little more than coffee. But when consumed in the
right amount, 1 cup of tea will have lesser caffeine than 1 cup of coffee.
Researchers say that if you consume too much tea, it can lead to increased anxiety levels and also cause acidity. Limit your intake of tea to a max of 3-4 cups in a day to avoid anxiety and acidity.

2. Poor Sleep Cycle after drinking Tea

Poor sleep can be caused due to different mental health issues like
overthinking, stressing, etc. Although drinking tea helps release stress, excessive consumption of tea before bed can harm the sleep cycle as it has caffeine in it.
If you limit the consumption of tea before bed, it will help in getting good sleep.

3. Dehydration and constipation due to Tea

Caffeine reduces the ability of tubules in the kidney to absorb nutrients.
resulting in dehydration. If you drink too many cups of tea in a day, it can leave
You become dehydrated, which can cause constipation.

4. Low nutrient-absorption

Increased intake of caffeine can actually hamper your digestion and reduce the absorption of nutrition. Tea has a component called tannin, which hampers the absorption of iron from the food we eat! This is the reason why it is good to drink tea between meals and not with meals.

5. Headaches

You must have been going for a cup of tea with the hope that it will give you the much needed relief from headaches. Unfortunately, this habit of yours might be the reason for your headaches. Yes, excessive intake of tea or any source of caffeine can not increase your dependency on tea (caffeine) but at the same time, it also leads to discomfort and headaches.

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In conclusion, I would conclude that drinking too much tea can have a negative impact on our health. Instead, adapt to sipping tea slowly and deliberately. Today, there are several teas that can boost your immunity, lower your blood pressure, aid in restful sleep, etc.

Let's take a look at the various teas that are available.