If we fall into the Black Hole, what will happen? Don't know let's find out:-

  • A black hole was largely unknown until the 20th century.
  • A black hole is a region in space where the force of gravity is so strong, not even light can escape.
  • It is the dark center of gravity and swallows everything in its path.
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  • 100 year before no one knew about a black hole.
  • Because of Einstein's theory of Relativity, later black hole was discovered.
  • The gravitational force of a black hole impacts time.
  • Other forms of energy like sound, heat, or light also affect gravitation as well.

Isn't the name black hole sound weird?

  • It sounds like there is an actual hole there, but that's not the case.
  • There's no hole in the space.
  • Black holes are made by stars and there is some material at their center.
  • When the super giant bursts, there are tiny remains of the core.
  • If the core is tiny we call it a Neutron star. But anything bigger than that we call a black hole.
  • If a star big as our sun, turns into a black hole its diameter will be 50 km.
  • But our sun will not become a black hole.
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Now let's see how Black Hole is.

  • There are mainly 3-4 types of black holes.
  • 1. Stellar Black Hole
  • 2. Primordial Black Hole
  • 3. Supermassive Black Hole
  • 4 Intermediate Black Hole
  • A black hole isn't a big black ball that sucks everything in.
  • There is an orange color ring that is formed around the black hole. It is known as Accretion Disk.
  • Due to gravitation pull lots of gaseous matter and debris is attracted towards it.
  • The Accretion Disk gives off an optical illusion due to gravity.
  • The boundary of the black hole is known as Event Horizon.
  • The center of the black hole is termed as Singularity.

  • So if light cannot pass through Black hole, How can human ?
  • It also may happen that if we go inside and come back then life for other people on Earth may end. We don't know we can just guess.

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