One of the most iconic and tragic ships in history. We'll examine the ship's construction and the events leading up to its fateful voyage, as well as the reasons why it was deemed unsinkable.

Through the examination of primary sources and historical accounts, we'll gain a deeper understanding of the disaster and the lessons that can still be learned today.

Whether you're a history buff or just have a fascination with the Titanic, this blog is sure to provide an engaging and informative read.

Facts about titanic :

  • The Titanic is the world's largest and most luxurious ship of its time.
  • It was not only the biggest ship but it was the most expensive ship.
  • Its length was about 269 meters.
  • At those time it cost 7.5 million dollars to build that ship. It is equal to 400 million dollars today.
  • The facilities and decoration inside the ship could leave a 5-star hotel behind.
  • The ship was believed to be "unsinkable". It was the ship that would never sink and was safe.
  • White Star Line was the name of the company that built the ship.
  • 2 measures that led to the title "unsinkable"-
  • 1. the ship has a double-bottom hull
  • 2. the impact was so large that 6 to 16 water-tight compartments were breached.
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  • At 11:40 the ship crashed into an iceberg.
  • The iceberg in which the Titanic got hit was not a small one, it was 200x400 feet in length and it weighed around 1.5 million tons.
  • Most of the passengers believed that the Titanic was unsinkable so they did not worry.
  • So the 1 lifeboat that went down had 28 passengers even thought the capacity of the boat was 65 passengers.
  • 1500 people abroad either drowned with the ship or the ones who knew to swim died because of hypothermia. The temperature of the water was -2 degrees at that time.
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  • When the Titanic sank it took more than 70 years to wreck under the sea.
  • In September 1985, an American ocean explorer, Robert Ballad, and a french oceanographer managed to find the Titanic under the sea.
  • Two separate pieces of it were found- 600 meters apart.
  • Today, even after 110 years, the fascination regarding the Titanic still remains in the mind of people.
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